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S.H.I.E.L.D. Me From Avenger Confusion

30 Apr

I have to admit I don’t know much about the Avengers.

I’ve heard of them before, of course, and I know who a few of them are, but in terms of being a team and how they came to be I had no clue. With the new Avengers movie coming out though, I’ve been a little excited about it and so have been brushing up on the Avengers.

I don't recognize 75% of these dudes. And there's like five Iron Mans?

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Loading Screen: Toniolio

29 Apr

Yes, I’m a nerd in the general sense (but who isn’t now that it’s hip), grew up a fan of Star Wars and what not. But that’s generic information – I’d like to talk about my special love affair with video games.

I can’t remember when I started gaming.

I remember my oldest brother had an Atari, and my middle brother had a commodore 64.

My favorite: maniac mansion.

Maniac Mansion

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That’s Amore …

28 Apr

I’m very behind in the current releases of video games. Something new comes out that I really want to play, but before I give it a try I want to play ALL THE OTHER GAMES BEFORE IT. So when all my friends were super stoked on (and then super pissed about) Mass Effect 3 I figured I’d give it a go, and went off to EB Games to buy Mass Effect 2 (when I found out you could import your character, and your decisions affected the next game, I really HAD to play it first).

I’m about 15 hours in now, and getting to the point where I can get my crew to be loyal, and more importantly convince the men to have sexy times with me.

Believe it or not this has been a hard decision. I kept on bouncing back and forth between the three options, but finally settled on Garrus. Why?

the kitty faced man with the bad ass scar

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Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Announcement!

27 Apr

There has been a lot of talk lately, but today an official announcement was made that Playstation will be releasing a Super Smash Bros -esque game called ” Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale” (or PASBR as I’m sure it will soon be referred to – what a name!) Originally rumoured last year under the name, “Title Fight”, it will be an amalgamation of some of the biggest names in the PS roster, including both exclusive and third party characters.

Image stolen from JPS - David Jaffe

(you can view the trailer and the official announcement HERE and read an extensive prerelease review of the first six characters from HERE!)

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Luigi is the Winner!

26 Apr

EB Games lately has been having contests on Twitter (@EBGamesCanada) where you tweet them a response to a question. Naturally I never expect to win, but try anyway. Well shut my mouth, because a couple weeks ago I won!

the suspense ... is ... killing you ...

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Loading Screen: CeraTopz

26 Apr

I’ve always loved gaming.

I started playing video games when I was eight. The first game I remember playing was “Mixed Up Mother Goose” on my PC (which was deeper than it was wide, and probably weighed 20 pounds). You had to move through the 8-bit environment and bring back missing pieces of nursery rhymes from one screen to the next. The three blind mice were with Jack Sprat, Old King Cole was hiding with the Cat and the Fiddle, and Humpty Dumpty was safe and sound nestled with Little Bo Peep. I played it over and over and over, each time finding the escaped characters in a different fable and returning them to the correct window. I loved it. And it started me down the road of really loving the escapism that was afforded from a virtual world.

Mixed Up Mother Goose!

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