That’s Amore …

28 Apr

I’m very behind in the current releases of video games. Something new comes out that I really want to play, but before I give it a try I want to play ALL THE OTHER GAMES BEFORE IT. So when all my friends were super stoked on (and then super pissed about) Mass Effect 3 I figured I’d give it a go, and went off to EB Games to buy Mass Effect 2 (when I found out you could import your character, and your decisions affected the next game, I really HAD to play it first).

I’m about 15 hours in now, and getting to the point where I can get my crew to be loyal, and more importantly convince the men to have sexy times with me.

Believe it or not this has been a hard decision. I kept on bouncing back and forth between the three options, but finally settled on Garrus. Why?

the kitty faced man with the bad ass scar

1. He’s the brooding type, and I like that.

2. Scars are kinda hot.

3. He’s supposed to be the toughest to win over, and my FemShep is the type to want a challenge.


I’m getting a bit frustrated now, because he just won’t open up, and every time I talk to him after a mission he tells me he’s “busy with some calibrations”. Pfft. Maybe I read him a bit wrong, and FemShep is barking up the wrong tree …

hint, hint

or maybe he’s just difficult. Either way, I’m getting tired of coming on to him with no success. Meanwhile, I’ve got Jacob inadvertently all worked up already, and I’m afraid if I talk to him again he’ll jump me in the armoury.

Jacob just undresses for me in the armoury now, no biggie.

Maybe Grunt would be more interested? (As sexy as it could be, that actually sounds painful and uncomfortable … though some of the ladies at the @GameGoddessShow are dying at the chance for a little Krogan action, so maybe theres some potential there for lustiness).

This afternoon will be spent on a Garrus loyalty mission, so maybe he will let me get a little bit closer to his … er … thorax? One can dream, anyway.

Until next time!

CeraTopz (@Cerajoy)

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