Loading Screen: Toniolio

29 Apr

Yes, I’m a nerd in the general sense (but who isn’t now that it’s hip), grew up a fan of Star Wars and what not. But that’s generic information – I’d like to talk about my special love affair with video games.

I can’t remember when I started gaming.

I remember my oldest brother had an Atari, and my middle brother had a commodore 64.

My favorite: maniac mansion.

Maniac Mansion

Oh that C64… amazing. I’m sure I annoyed the shit out of him every day asking if he would put on a game for me to play – because I sure as hell couldn’t figure it out. My brother also did this thing (that I am sure he did just to occupy me) that he called “super counting” where he would just type 1 + 1 = and every time you hit enter it would count up: 2, 3, 4, 5,…. I was BLOWN AWAY, and would sit there hitting enter until he told me to stop.

After I grew up a little, I learned that he had some ridiculous games like Strip Poker, that was broken, so as soon as you loaded the game the girls were naked.

Anyway, I can’t remember playing the Atari. My first system was Nintendo – the original. Of course I had SNES once it came out – that shit was epic.

I stopped there though. Mainly because mom wouldn’t buy me every system due to the fact that I absolutely BEGGED her for a PC when I was like 12.


Remember when this is what a computer looked like? Of course you don't.

Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Warcraft I and II, Starcraft. Then I graduated High school. Then my computer was too crappy to play anything newer.

I actually missed WoW’s release because I was in university and didn’t have any gaming systems, or a good enough computer. Those we’re sad days.

Now that I’m grown up, working, and married – I can actually buy stuff again!

Now we have a Wii, PS3, and I have a pretty good PC. We’re thinking of getting an XBox (and by thinking of, I mean we are).

Luckily, my wife also loves to play video games… so we decided to start a blog about it to connect with the gaming world a little more. After all, we’re supposed to do things together right?

Later nerds!


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2 Responses to “Loading Screen: Toniolio”

  1. Titillating Thoughts June 1, 2012 at 2:33 pm #

    My grandma use to have a Nintendo and I remember whenever I was sick or would go visit that we would play Maniac Mansion. Awesome game. I never did beat it as a child. I was only seven or eight and that game was difficult.

    • Tony Ingram June 10, 2012 at 9:05 am #

      Yeah I remember finding it mad hard when I was a kid. It was definitely a trial and error type thing, and I don’t think I had the patience to try all the possibilities to win. But it was awesome. Looking at pictures was crazy nostalgic!

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