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oh Mordin!

21 May

It’s been a little while since we posted here, and I’m blaming it on (FINALLY) getting some half decent weather around here and the fact that it has been a long weekend. Happy birthday Queen Victoria!

I googled queen and nerd and Felicia Day came up, so she’s going in.

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I love me some “freebies”

17 May

I’m such a sucker for discounts and free things. When a thing I’ve never heard of or wanted goes on sale for 50% off or more (!!!!!!!) I have to fight the urge to buy it. Lately, my biggest struggle has been with free bonuses for buying things. I feel so lucky getting something that just can’t be bought in stores, or getting more for less. Just a couple days ago I almost ordered Prototype 2 because it was A) 20.00 off and B) came with a free steelbook and figurine of the main dude. I didn’t want it before, but I sure do want it now!

free things that I do not need! I need them!

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Why I play a game series backwards

16 May

I was a PC gamer for a long time, and didn’t get any consoles after SNES until we got our PS3. So basically, I’m late to the party, and I got a lot of catching up to do. But I don’t do things in order…

I got God of War 3, finished that, then got the earlier games.

Played Uncharted 2 (before 3 came out), finished that, so then went and got the first.

I got a platinum trophy in Skyrim (yeah I’m bragging), and I have Oblivion waiting on the shelf.

And now I’m playing Assassins Creed 2, because I recently played AC2: Revelations.

And yeah, I’ll probably play the first one last.

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What I have learned from Dragon Ball Z

14 May

Since my last semester of school ended, I have been greedily watching season after season of TV shows that have slipped through my grasp over the last few years. Lately, my indulgence has been Dragon Ball Z Kai. For those of you unaware, Kai is a condensed version off all the events that happened in Dragon Ball Z: less fluff, and much more kamehameha-ing. I watched most of the original growing up, but never saw the series start to fnish. Naturally, being a graduate student is the perfect time to fix that!

Draaagon Sooooouuuul!

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Fave Five Fridays 110512

11 May

Another week has passed, so it’s time for me to share five more totally dopeular things that I love about being a geek!

and if you haven’t seen the Alot on Hyperbole and a Half, you must!

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Geek vs. Nerd – Infographic!

10 May

Pretty cool infographic… do you agree? Comment below!

see below for the full image!

Read more to see the full graphic!

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FemShep and Garrus, sitting in a tree …

9 May

… trying to awkwardly figure out how inter species alien sex might actually be possible. Not the most romantic proposition I’ve ever had come my way, but like I said before, he just kinda does it for me.

You got that right, kiddo.

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