Even More Contests!

2 May

Lately I’ve been coming across tons of contests on Twitter and Facebook that actually involve you to do something to win them, and I really like them because A) they get you thinking and B) less people enter when actual effort is involved. A podcast done by @itsRadioPS has really peaked my interest lately, and I’ve been watching whenever I can (and you should too!)

A couple days ago I entered a contest through their site radioplaystation.com, where you could win a season pass to TellTale Games new PSN release The Walking Dead by sending them your zombie survival plan. Being married to a true zombie nerd, and being horrified of the idea of being unprepared for a zombiepocalypse, I had a pretty good idea what Tony and I would actually do in the event of a zombie attack.

double tap. always double tap.

I found out last night on their podcast that I won, and I’m super excited/ petrified to play this game for myself. Watching the boys of @itsRadioPS playing it the other night had me covering my face and jumping out of my seat, so we will see how I fare when I play for myself (there could be tears). Thanks so much @CrazyES and @jewishspidey!

let the screaming begin ...

Another contest I came across was one on 1up.com that asks you to write a blog about your first experience with any Mario game you’ve played, and the prize is super duper cute!

eeeeeeeeee so much adorable in one picture yayayayayayy!

I wrote about Super Mario Sunshine! The winner is announced tomorrow, so fingers are crossed I can pull off two in one week! (If not, I may be buying those figures myself … love love love love!)

Until next time!

CeraTopz (@Cerajoy)

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