Nerd Rage: Dead Island

3 May

OMGWTF this game is so fun that I absolutely MUST keep playing, yet so FRUSTRATING that I just want to burn a house down and/or devour children’s souls.

Don’t get me wrong. This game can be a gem sometimes, especially running over zombies – seriously, it’s about time I got to do that. And the zombie deaths are always really random looking with limbs flying around and lots of blood spattering. Just what I was hoping for.

But here’s a list of what gives me nerd rage about Dead Island:


  1. Thugs take forever to fight.You can’t just sneak in, hit, and back up, unless you wait FOREVER for good timing… no, no matter how well you back up, like 8 meters away, they appear to have arms like Dhalsim and hit you anyway. And EVERY time they hit you it knocks you down – fights end up lasting forever… which is just tedious.

    the thug’s special move: yoga arms

  2. You can’t save. Seriously, what game doesn’t have a save feature now? You have to make it to checkpoints, and I can never really tell if I’m at one or not. Sometimes it seems you have been running around forever, and you realize you haven’t saved… but you can’t, and now have to leave or something but you have to make it to a damn checkpoint.
  3. The Infected are just annoying. And what’s up with them just spawning randomly when you are doing a quest? It’s like the designers couldn’t think of an interesting challenge, so the we’re like “okay, after they finish the quest, just spawn a bunch of infected to attack them out of nowhere in waves. That way they will think the quest was actually somehow challenging”.

    nope, not enough… spawn more. and if you die this is where you re-spawn.

  4. Re-spawn locations after you die. What the hell is up with coming back to life in the middle of a horde of zombies. WTF seriously. AND, respawning like a virtual KILOMETER away from where you died.
  5. It’s fun.It’s just fun enough to keep you playing despite the nerd rage it can cause. Frequently. It causes nerd rage frequently.

Give this game a try.

You’ll freak out at your existence on earth a few times, but chopping up zombies is kinda worth it.

Later nerds,



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