Fave Five Fridays

4 May

The first of a weekly blog post I plan on starting, Fave Five Fridays will be a list of, well five different things every week that makes my inner nerd beam with joy. My fave things will be videogames, movies, books, TV shows, and just random things that I think are the bomb.com, and that you should probably check out too because I have pretty decent taste and I like awesome things.

yeah, pretty much.

1. Luigi

Poor Luigi. He spends all his time in Mario’s shadow, he’s the designated “little brother’ character, and he never gets the girl (unless Daisy was for him, in which case, ew). But I say poo to this social convention that Mario is better just because he’s the main event on the box. Luigi has a better voice, wears a cooler colour AND is a decent enough dude to help out his brother who’s chasing after a woman who is clearly out of his league and will NEVER put out for him. Seriously Mario: NE-VER. I salute you Luigi. You are the winner.

I choose Luigi proudly. Mario is out of shape and a whoremonger for the spotlight. I ain’t bout that.

2.  Gaming magazines with demo discs

Nothing, NOTHING used to make me happier than when Mom would buy us one of those 15.00 Playstation magazines so we could play the demos of some upcoming games. This wasn’t the time of the interwebz, people – checking YouTube for the trailer or gameplay wasn’t an option. If you bought a game you had to hope it was good when you turned it on; spending a month of allowances on a crap game was the saddest moment of any kids life. These magical discs allowed you try a dozen games before they came out, and forever avoid that awkward moment when a game was just plain awful. Awesome!


3. Once Upon A Time

I’ve talked about this show in a previous post, but I just can’t stop raving about it. It’s part fairytale, part drama and a little spooky sometimes. It’s one of those shows that slowly pieces the past together at the same time it explores what’s happening in the present, but isn’t frustratingly difficult to follow like LOST. If you haven’t watched it yet, turn to your local torrent downloader and start. It’s only one season in!

4. Iron Man

This is really straight forward. Iron Man = bad ass self made superhero. Tony Stark = genius billionaire playboy. Robert Downey Jr. = the sexiest of sexy. I rest my case (he may even end up on this list every week, just so I can look at his face).

you’re welcome.

5. random geeky holidays

Every day has some holiday attached to it – Grilled Cheese Day, Tweed Day, Miniature Golf Day (seriously, EVERY SINGLE DAY), but none are more wholly embraced than those that are of the geeky persuasion. And they are awesome!

My favorites include:

National Eggs Benedict Day – April 16th (because if you don’t like Eggs Benny then GET THE FUCK OUT).

Videogames Day – July 8th and National Videogames Day – September 12th (because duh).

Left Hander’s Day – August 13th (because were the best, AND we have to deal with dragging our pinkies through ink).

National Comic Book Day – September 25th (because everyone needs to read some comic books, at the very least while on the toilet).

Festivus – December 23rd (it’s for the rest of us).

I know of several people who are having movie marathons today because it’s Star Wars day, and it’s all over Facebook and Twitter. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone post of Facebook “May the 4th be with you” that I NEVER would have pegged for a Star Wars nut.

happy Star Wars day!

Until next time!

CeraTopz (@Cerajoy)

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2 Responses to “Fave Five Fridays”

  1. izzardbeth May 4, 2012 at 8:32 pm #

    Love it! All of it! Iron Man is totally worth a fave. Don’t forget that tomorrow (May 5th) is another awesome and geeky holiday! May 5th- Free Comic Book Day!

    • Tony Ingram May 5, 2012 at 7:37 pm #

      Thanks for the reminder! We definitely celebrated the special day with a trip to the comic book store today! Sarah and I got 5 free comics each – 10!!!!!! Awesome.

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