Fave Five Fridays 110512

11 May

Another week has passed, so it’s time for me to share five more totally dopeular things that I love about being a geek!

and if you haven’t seen the Alot on Hyperbole and a Half, you must!

1. Yard Sales

It’s that time of year again when the weekends are full of the potential to scour yard and garage sales for retro and cheap gaming and geeky treasures (Brit at blondenerd.com could do this professionally!). The best score is when someone has NES, SNES, or other older retro games in the 1.00 and under range. At this price, I don’t even care if it works. I once saw Super Mario World for .25 cents. A;LJSDALHKJh!!!!!?!?!?!!?!?! Best. Thing. EVER!

THIS is what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

2. Gaming Setups

I LOVE to see how other people set up their gaming stations. It shows what they think it most important, shows off their organizing aesthetic, and gives me some inspiration on how I want my set up to look (some day Tony and I will have a gaming room … some day …). We recently upgraded our living room setup to accommodate our growing collection of both video games and DVD boxsets.

XS cargo shelves: 10.00 Walmart TV stand: 35.00 The cost of all our entertainment gear: I don’t want to think about it.

I found some seriously outrageous and awesome ones on the interweb. If only we had unlimited money, space and time …

yeah, the ones on the far right are NBD, really … *jawdrop*

3. Trophies

I am a self-proclaimed trophy whore. I love seeing the little icon pop up and hear that satisfying ding when you earn one. I purposely buy shitty PS games that have easy trophies to up my numbers (look up My Aquarium. stupid game? yes. 14 trophies in 20 minutes? worth it.) and I will follow an online walkthrough to make sure I don’t miss a trophy. I have yet to earn a platinum, which gives me tears of sad nerd rage. But the quest for trophies keeps me hooked on the most repetitive and mundane tasks, just like acheivements did in World of Warcraft. It’s my favourite thing ever. Now excuse me while I play Barbie’s Grocery Shopping Adventure for six more.

yes thank you very much. now are there any more please?

4. Dance Games

Being married to a dancer, being a beginning dancer myself, and surrounding myself with dancers as friends, there’s a lot of dancers in my life. So I can say without much doubt that the excuse that “you can’t dance” being used to avoid this genre is a load of crap. We ALL look silly playing these games. And that’s what makes them so much fun!


The songs are great (especially the old school and Bollywood songs), the dances are ridiculous, and when combined with a sufficient amount of alcohol, they add +70 to fun and volume of any get together. Ours are for Wii, but if you have a Kinect that’s even better. Honestly the MAIN reason I want an XBox is to get a dancing game and have it tell me just how much I suck at following directions.

Plus, things like THIS happen at parties:


5. Little Big Planet Costumes

They are FREAKING adorable! What more do you need?!?

COLLECT THEM ALL! I don’t even play this game.

Until next time!

CeraTopz (@Cerajoy)

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