What I have learned from Dragon Ball Z

14 May

Since my last semester of school ended, I have been greedily watching season after season of TV shows that have slipped through my grasp over the last few years. Lately, my indulgence has been Dragon Ball Z Kai. For those of you unaware, Kai is a condensed version off all the events that happened in Dragon Ball Z: less fluff, and much more kamehameha-ing. I watched most of the original growing up, but never saw the series start to fnish. Naturally, being a graduate student is the perfect time to fix that!

Draaagon Sooooouuuul!

There are a lot of things that I’m picking up on, though, that weren’t as apparent as a child. It’s like when you watch a Disney movie 20 years later and realize how many sexy references there really were. So I’ve learned some things from Dragon Ball Z Kai during my second watch through that I just didn’t see before.

this can’t be unseen.

1. Goku is totally bipolar

Goku has more extreme mood swings than a menopausal housewife. One minute his anger is so extreme he can barely control himself, and then only moments later he’s taking Gohan fishing. WTF?! I don’t understand how he calms down so quickly, especially once he achieves Super Saiyan form. MY guess is some sort of mood disorder, potentially which helps him achieve and control the power levels he does past Super Saiyan.

all within five seconds. holy mood swings, Batman!

2. Power levels don’t seem to mean anything

These dudes spit out numbers arbitrarily I am certain. Krillin starts off with like 200 and is pleased; 5 episodes later they are all scoffing at a 1,000 power level. By the time they all have to face Cell they don’t even bother to give the power levels a number, most likely because saying “his power level is one hundred and seventy five trillion, six hundred and ninety three billion, four hundred and twelve million, six hundred thousand and seven!!!!!!!” would just take too damn long. I’m not impressed unless a power level is at least 27 digits long.

you won’t be so impressed with this next season.

3. not all short bald guys have a Napoleon complex

I once had a professor in my undergrad (no names of course) who was short, balding, and suffered from Napoleon complex (for those of you unsure what this is, it’s the ‘condition’ of short and balding dudes, like Mr. Bonaparte, to over compensate by being douches). I also have worked for some, worked with some, and heard endless stories from people about those who can’t stop flexing their muscles or power to make up for what they lack in suave and inches (*cough*).

My main man Krillin, however, is cool enough to not suffer for being not so tall and not so hairy. And that’s just refreshing.

Illin’ Krillin is just chillin’

4. Even the most bad ass of bad guys are girly as hell

When the Ginyu Force shows up to back up Frieza (who let’s face it, totally looks and sounds like a chick) and help him collect the Dragon Balls before Vegeta or Goku can, they are supposed to be the ultimate of ultimate fighting squads. But when they arrive on the planet, this happens:


What’s funny is soon after the little green dude bites it, and the first thing they’re worried about is how it’s going to ruin their signature pose. And the roses? These guys are the toughest of tough (for now), but they dance around and show off their bums like high school cheerleaders.


I must admit though, I do enjoy a flawless sense of showmanship. And I wouldn’t expect any less of cartoons from the East.

… and then there’s this.

Until next time!

CeraTopz (@Cerajoy)

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