Assassins Creed Climbing is Totally Realistic

18 Jun

So I’ve been playing Assassins Creed a lot lately.

In Europe playing PS3 – I’ve got quite a double chin for a skinny guy.

And I’ve been thinking… man, Ezio makes that shit look so easy. Climbing walls? Yeah right, like there are that many ledges and little things to grab.

But here I am in Europe, and yeah, it really does look like that. So I had to try it myself…

Here’s what a typical building wall looks like in real life in Bruges:

totally climbable

Even those little black bars are everywhere… I thought they just added them in the game conveniently… nope, real!

So here’s my try:

Weeeeeee! I’m Ezio!

I would have gotten a lot farther if Cera let me, but we had to go do this little boat tour of the canals. Which was cool, I suppose. But I really wanted to run across the roof-tops.

I’ll try again soon, will let you know how it goes.

Later nerds!

– toniolio


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