My Sentiments Exactly

24 Jun

More fun while chillin’ in Europe – this time Amsterdam (which was awesome, btw – definitely could live there).

not really sure what any of this stuff had to do with Mario

Between our adventures, I found the following t-shirt in an H&M store. Being a geek is cool now, didn’t you know?

my sentiments exactly… on both accounts: I am awesome, and I’d also rather play video games than participate in team sports.

Cute shirt, but it also reminded me of the sad fact that gaming culture is being swallowed up by hipster culture.

This kind of illustrates why I am not a fan of hipster (or even popular) culture. I play video games and collect paraphernalia because I love them… not because it’s all cool and trendy to be a gamer.

On the flip side, if gaming becomes chic, then it may also be a positive sign for the industry – perhaps? I dunno. What do you think?

Later nerds!

– toniolio


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