London LARPing

1 Jul

I’m a HUUUGE fan of roleplaying: I’ve been in countless plays and musicals, I gravitate towards RPG video games, and am regularly a half-elf alchemist or gnome druid in Dungeons and Dragons campaigns with my other RPG loving friends. And while I haven’t done much of it, I love watching live action role playing, especially when it is incorporated into tourist attractions.

and once, I was Napoleon.

In London we went to the Tower of London, a royal palace and fortress founded in 1066 that now houses the Royal Crown jewels (and holy hell were those diamonds HUUUUGGGEEEE) and tons of armour that belonged to past kings and monarch’s, including Henry the VIII and his *ahem* ample, err …. spacing.

“I can have kids! I swear! Just check out this ample bulge!”

Outside all of the impressive buildings in the middle courtyard we came across a duel. Several duels actually, and it was pretty darn cool. At least I thought it was! I wasn’t too sure what the story was because we came across it halfway through, but I enjoyed it and got a little jealous. What a fun summer job: dressing up in petticoats, having sword fights, and faking a cockney accent!

I wanna play too!

The live action re-enactments really add a new level to tourist attractions. It helps your imagination stretch just a little farther into what the landmark once was, and what time period it existed in. Not to mention it’s fun to watch, and you usually get to interact in some way. Summers ago I worked for a local tourist attraction, and 18th century port cellary called the Newman Wine Vaults, and for the anniversary of Napoleon’s surrender (which, the story goes, was to a ship carrying Newman’s port) ther re-enact his surrender, lock him in jail, and give away free port and tours. I got to be Napoleon, which was super fun (I was the only one that fit in his little costume) and I got to dress up in a bonnet and petticoats to walk around downtown in! BEST DAY OF WORK EVER.

sometimes I act like a lady, and sometimes I don’t. It’s one of my better qualities.

Until next time!

CeraTopz (@Cerajoy)

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