Welcome to the Family, Xbox!

6 Jul

We’ve been holding out for a while on the buying an Xbox front. Trying to justify yet another console has been tough, but eventually my need to collect and Tony’s curiosity won over the logical portions of our brains. We were waiting for a sale in order to get both the Kinect and system for around 240, so when Best Buy had a sale we couldn’t resist!


We even got a free HDMI cord and game with the Best Buy special (And OHEMGEE do I love bonuses and freebies). Brought it home, set it up, and immediately got my Fable 3 on! Well, after creating my own little avatar that looks like me : )

oh, yeah. and after the many, many, MANY system updates …

Now, with the introduction of a new system to the house, I had to make some important decisions. The Xbox and the PS3 both have exclusives, and being able to play Kinect Dance Central, the Fable 3 game I won from EB Games and Gears of War 3 on the Xbox was one of the driving forces behind wanting one. But I’m a trophy whore, and so any cross platform games I’ll still play on my PS3.

it looks like it belonged there all along! isn’t it pwetty?!

I iz a happy happy!

Until next time!

CeraTopz (@Cerajoy)

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