Gaming Sleepover Heaven

21 Jul

My favorite activity growing up was weekend sleepovers with friends. Staying up late, eating tons of junk and playing video games for hours on end was an awesome way to spend a night with your buddies from school. But now, as a married couple and full time students it seems as though those fun filled nights are over. Or are they??

get all those sexual innuendos out of your heads now … dirty minds.

Last weekend Tony and I invited another couple over for a sleepover, our excellent friends Dave and Rae. No strangers to video games, RPG’s and nostalgic longing to younger times themselves, they were totally down for an all night fiasco of geeky fun. A while ago Dave and I had discussed how rad it would be to get together and play Heavy Rain as a group; this way, we could do it all in one night!

I was smart and did this the night before. Because I knew it would happen. Playstation.

This was not a sleepover focused just on gaming, however. These two also play Dungeons and Dragons with me (Dave is a kick ass DM!), Rae initially introduced me to Game of Thrones, and we talk about all things cute together, like moogles and pokemons and JRPG goodness. In order to reinforce the theme, Rae introduced her new brilliant book A Feast of Ice and Fire, as well as the website, to help us cater the event.

and also THIS.

We played a couple chapters of Heavy Rain at a time, breaking in between to eat or watch ridiculous videos on the internet. My favorite of the night by far were our potions. Rae and I made Health, Stamina and Mana potions, inspired by Final Fantasy (and to be honest, pretty much every fantasy game ever made). Which, by the way, were not only delicious, but masked the taste of gin incredibly well!

health, stamina, and mana, keeping us going throughout the night! the stamina potion had a high caffeine level, and was perfect for keeping us old people up past 10:30pm :)

It was so much fun! We beat the game by 2:30am, and then replayed the last chapter to get a different ending because after playing awesome the whole game everyone died and the killer got away at the end. And frankly, we deserved better than that! The storyline was super involved – even if you weren’t playing you were still totally into it, yelling at whoever had the controls with your heart racing.

We will for sure be doing this again. Game recommendations?

Rae and Dave: brilliant people!

Until next time!

CeraTopz (@Cerajoy)

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One Response to “Gaming Sleepover Heaven”

  1. The Local Traveler July 21, 2012 at 4:25 pm #

    Love the drinks!! What a fun idea.

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