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mama knows best

11 Jun

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, but my life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately, with dance, work, and getting ready for our European vacation (yes, it’s okay to be jealous). We have been in Belgium for a week now, and are finally getting back into the swing of things. One thing that HASN’T changed, however, is the gaming. With all this new found downtime, it has been fantastic catching up on some games!

please don’t judge the pyjamas or the posture. It is vacation, after all.

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7 May


In preparation for the movie I went to Walmart and scoured the store for an Avenger themed t-shirt. The only thing in the womens section was hello kitty (no thank you!) and Angry Birds (ummm – why??) so I turned to the boys section, and – success! The Hulk!

this was obviously made for young boys and not adult girls – nice hand placement there, Dr. Banner.

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Happy Free Comic Book Day!

5 May

Today is another one of those deliciously geeky holidays I talked about yesterday – Free Comic Book Day! Comic book stores around the country are giving away select comic books for free. Tony, the Dave’s (close friends of ours and equally in love with all things nerdy) and myself couldn’t resist, so headed to our friendly neighbourhood comic book store!

Timemasters, where I bought my first comic, my first pack of World of Warcraft trading cards, AND my first Dungeons and Dragons collectible figurine!

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One Comic Book for Everyone In My Kingdom

1 May

Comics are a new love for me.

I’ve always wanted to get into reading comic and graphic novels, but deciding where to start is holy overwhelming batman. I mean, there’s honestly 1000’s of different comics, and then once you find a theme you like, you have to wade through all the different spin offs too. If you’re like me and you like to start at the beginning with everything, getting into the genre seems impossible. and time consuming. and the type of thing to send a persons OCD into overdrive.

for example, Wikipedia lists 35 different Spiderman STORYLINES! aaaahhh!!

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