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gaming, gaming everywhere!

27 Jun

Even though we brought our Playstation, Nintendo DS, and computer stacked with PC games on our trip, Tony and I both still feel like we’ve been falling behind in our geekiness outlet. Disconnecting for a little while has been great, but I still have fallen behind in my daily Twitter and Facebook checking, as well as internet browsing of new reviews, comic book sales, and new movie trailers.

everything is incredible … if only there was wifi!

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What I have learned from Dragon Ball Z

14 May

Since my last semester of school ended, I have been greedily watching season after season of TV shows that have slipped through my grasp over the last few years. Lately, my indulgence has been Dragon Ball Z Kai. For those of you unaware, Kai is a condensed version off all the events that happened in Dragon Ball Z: less fluff, and much more kamehameha-ing. I watched most of the original growing up, but never saw the series start to fnish. Naturally, being a graduate student is the perfect time to fix that!

Draaagon Sooooouuuul!

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