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gaming, gaming everywhere!

27 Jun

Even though we brought our Playstation, Nintendo DS, and computer stacked with PC games on our trip, Tony and I both still feel like we’ve been falling behind in our geekiness outlet. Disconnecting for a little while has been great, but I still have fallen behind in my daily Twitter and Facebook checking, as well as internet browsing of new reviews, comic book sales, and new movie trailers.

everything is incredible … if only there was wifi!

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My Sentiments Exactly

24 Jun

More fun while chillin’ in Europe – this time Amsterdam (which was awesome, btw – definitely could live there).

not really sure what any of this stuff had to do with Mario

Between our adventures, I found the following t-shirt in an H&M store. Being a geek is cool now, didn’t you know? Continue reading

Fave Five Fridays

4 May

The first of a weekly blog post I plan on starting, Fave Five Fridays will be a list of, well five different things every week that makes my inner nerd beam with joy. My fave things will be videogames, movies, books, TV shows, and just random things that I think are the bomb.com, and that you should probably check out too because I have pretty decent taste and I like awesome things.

yeah, pretty much.

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Even More Contests!

2 May

Lately I’ve been coming across tons of contests on Twitter and Facebook that actually involve you to do something to win them, and I really like them because A) they get you thinking and B) less people enter when actual effort is involved. A podcast done by @itsRadioPS has really peaked my interest lately, and I’ve been watching whenever I can (and you should too!)

A couple days ago I entered a contest through their site radioplaystation.com, where you could win a season pass to TellTale Games new PSN release The Walking Dead by sending them your zombie survival plan. Being married to a true zombie nerd, and being horrified of the idea of being unprepared for a zombiepocalypse, I had a pretty good idea what Tony and I would actually do in the event of a zombie attack.

double tap. always double tap.

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