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oh Mordin!

21 May

It’s been a little while since we posted here, and I’m blaming it on (FINALLY) getting some half decent weather around here and the fact that it has been a long weekend. Happy birthday Queen Victoria!

I googled queen and nerd and Felicia Day came up, so she’s going in.

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FemShep and Garrus, sitting in a tree …

9 May

… trying to awkwardly figure out how inter species alien sex might actually be possible. Not the most romantic proposition I’ve ever had come my way, but like I said before, he just kinda does it for me.

You got that right, kiddo.

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That’s Amore …

28 Apr

I’m very behind in the current releases of video games. Something new comes out that I really want to play, but before I give it a try I want to play ALL THE OTHER GAMES BEFORE IT. So when all my friends were super stoked on (and then super pissed about) Mass Effect 3 I figured I’d give it a go, and went off to EB Games to buy Mass Effect 2 (when I found out you could import your character, and your decisions affected the next game, I really HAD to play it first).

I’m about 15 hours in now, and getting to the point where I can get my crew to be loyal, and more importantly convince the men to have sexy times with me.

Believe it or not this has been a hard decision. I kept on bouncing back and forth between the three options, but finally settled on Garrus. Why?

the kitty faced man with the bad ass scar

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