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In Europe, Still Gaming – Part 1

10 Jun

So we’re in Europe on vacation, visiting Ceratopz parents in Belgium – and of course, we’re hitting as much of this place as we can while we’re here. So far, it’s been awesome

– for example, Brussels:

chillin in Brussels, having a beer in the grande place

But between our little day or two excursions to awesome European towns, we are having a bit of down time at her parents house. So, what did we bring with us?

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Fave Five Fridays 110512

11 May

Another week has passed, so it’s time for me to share five more totally dopeular things that I love about being a geek!

and if you haven’t seen the Alot on Hyperbole and a Half, you must!

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FemShep and Garrus, sitting in a tree …

9 May

… trying to awkwardly figure out how inter species alien sex might actually be possible. Not the most romantic proposition I’ve ever had come my way, but like I said before, he just kinda does it for me.

You got that right, kiddo.

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